What Happens When You Combine A Leaf Blower with Fire? Now You Know

These two wondered what would happen if you took a leaf blower and aimed it a chemineer. The result? Amazing. They started by lighting the fire, before opening the hatch so the flames were just about coming out of the grill. They then aimed the leaf blower at the bottom of the chemineer before turning it on full blast. Huge piles of smoke came out of the top and there really is nothing like it. The end result is great and it looks like they were having so much fun doing this.

That was until the mother came out. She thought the two would set fire to her garden and the plants but either way, her reaction is priceless. Watch the video and see it all for yourself, you’ve never seen anything like it and it just goes to show how easy it is to combine household items, creating something awesome in the process.

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