This Short Really Made Me Smile, But At 1:10? I Was Devastated. Wait Until You See The Ending…

This clip is about a young girl who decides to build a snowman. She doesn’t want the snowman to melt during the summer so she transports the whole thing and she puts it in the freezer. She always goes to say hello and she makes sure that he is happy, but as she gets older, she forgets about him and you can tell by the look on his face how devastated he is.

The girl is then at work and she knocks over her table lamp, which shines a snow globe onto the wall. She is instantly reminded about the snowman and she knows what she needs to do to make things right. She goes to see him and she makes sure that he knows she is still here, and the end scene is nothing short of amazing either. Wow, this is one story that will bring a tear to your eye.

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