She Was Talking To The 911, But When She Said This, I Lost It!

This little girl from Indiana is five years old. The dad started to experience chest pains so he rang 911 so he could get some medical help. When the operator answered the phone, he could hardly breathe and he couldn’t speak. That was when this courageous little girl stepped in. The operator asks the little girl to unlock the front door and she does it right away. She even tells her dad that everything is going to be okay, so she really is a cute little girl.

The real fun is when she realised that she is in her pyjamas and that she needed to go and get changed. This little girl really is looking after her dad and she keeps on saying “so far so good” to reassure him. What an awesome video from a very brave little girl. If it wasn’t for her, her dad might not have got the medical attention he needed.

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