He Fills Lego With Concrete. After He Takes Them Off, I Want This

He starts by taking some lego bricks and some concrete. He builds the lego over a lego base to keep it all in place. He then pours concrete into the sections and leaves it to set for quite a few hours. When the concrete has set, he prises apart the lego and reveals his table. You can use pliers on the lego bricks that get stuck, and before you know it, you could have your very own lego concrete table.

Anyone can do this and you don’t need a cement mixer or any building equipment at all. It is so easy and you too could have your own lego table in no time at all. You can even make things interesting by adding your own shapes and designs with the lego, adding a personal touch that will really make your table stand out from the rest. This video is awesome and is a great idea for any family home.

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