He Built An Insane 40 Watt Laser Shotgun And It’s Incredible!

This guy has made his very own laser shotgun by using a lithium battery and some light diodes. Now you may be thinking that this gun is all about aesthetics, but the truth is that it can actually do some serious damage. He starts by showing you around the gun and he also hangs up some balloons as well. When the light is aimed at the balloons, it pops them almost instantly and that is when things get really interesting. He then aims the gun at some paper and a ping pong ball, and they all catch fire so you can already start to see how incredible this gun is and how much damage it could cause.

This is a video that you need to see for yourself because you really won’t believe it and it just goes to show that you can create just about anything when you put your mind to it!

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