He demanded his wife to bury him with all of his money. But she decided to do THIS instead…

Maya Angelou once said that someone may forget what you said and they may forget what you did, but they will never, ever forget the way that you make them feel. Many of us try to make good decisions but not all of us feel this way. Some people out there choose to be selfish and they want to live their life on their own terms and not on the terms of other people, regardless of what effect it may have.

One widow was nothing like her spouse. Her husband was a man who worked incredibly hard for his money and he felt like he deserved to keep it, even after he died. He forced her to grant his dying wish, which was to bury him with all of his money but she found a way to do this while also keeping her integrity. This idea is brilliant.

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Her husband was bad when it came to money, he loved it so much and he was a real cheapskate s well. He asked his wife to put all the money in his coffin so he could take it with him to the afterlife.

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He was in the casket and his wife was sitting next to their best friend. She was dressed entirely in black and when the ceremony was finished, they got ready to close the casket and the wife suddenly shouted out “wait a minute!”

She had brought an old shoebox with her and she ran over to the casket. The undertakers locked the casket and they took it away.


Her friend turned to her and asked her if she really did put all the money in there. She replied with yes, and that she is a good Christian so she wouldn’t lie.


He replied, in shock and he asked her again if she was crazy enough to do it after everything that has happened.

She then stated that she got all the money together, put it into her own bank account and wrote him a check that he could cash in the afterlife.

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