A Man Has Been Jailed For Spraying Children With A Water Gun Filled With Semen

I’m really not sure how I’m going to put this into words, but it turns out that a man from Albuquerque has gone out with a water pistol filled with semen, and squirted kids with it. Kevin Jaramillo faced 60 years in prison to begin with but it is said that he will go away for at least 18. The victims age from 9-18 years old and he has pleaded no contest. We can only think that this guy is going to be away for quite some time and that we won’t be hearing of his antics again anytime soon, but wait until you see what he has blamed his actions on.

He has stated that his actions were a result of a cocktail of drugs and alcohol but it is also said that mental illness is to blame as well. Who would fill their Super Soaker up with jizz? This guy clearly, but it is disgusting to say the least.

One of the father’s victims has stated that Jaramillo took away his own daughter’s innocence, so it is very sad indeed.

What do you think?