78-Years-Old Has Already Saved the Lives of Over Two Million Babies

“The man with the golden arm” (Credit: CNN)

James Harrison may look like a normal guy, but what makes him extra extraordinary is the blood that flows through his veins. He is known as being the man with the golden arm and for the last 60 years, he has been donating blood plasma and it is all because of an accident he had as a child. In 1951, he had a chest operation and they removed one of his lungs, when he woke, up, he was told that he received 13 units of blood and that his life had been saved by people who he had never even met before. That was when he decided to become a blood donor.

In Australia, thousands of babies died from rhesus disease, where a woman’s blood starts to attack the unborn baby. In most cases, this resulted in brain damage and even death in some cases.  This happened because the pregnant woman had RhD negative blood, and the baby was RhD positive. Harrison worked with doctors when he realised that he had an unusual antibody in his own blood, and that was when together, they developed Anti-D, which stops this condition from happening.

Doctors are still not sure how Harrison ended up with this antibody but many believe that it was because of the operation that happened when he was just 14 years of age. He’s considered to be a national hero and he has already won plenty of awards because of the lives that he has saved. After giving plasma over 1000 times, he still admits that he has never once seen the needle go into his arm. This is because he can’t stand blood, and he can’t stand pain, but somehow, he has still found it within himself to change the lives of thousands.

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