This Man Somehow Survived 9/11 And The Bataclan Massacre


An American who is currently living in Paris has revealed his incredible story to the world. He was present at the Bataclan Massacre and 9/11 and he is only known as Matthew. According to the Telegraph he was shot in the leg on Friday night during his escape from the concert where 89 people were killed. He stated that he instantly knew that the sound was a gunshot and that is when he made a break for the exit.


He was hit by a bullet on his way out and that is when he fell to the floor. Every time the killers reloaded and recharged, he crawled that bit further to freedom. He has also stated that what he experienced at the Bataclan was far worse than what he experienced at 9/11, and when you take a look at what he went through, it isn’t hard to see why. He played dead, but that is when he felt someone dragging him by the arms. He didn’t look up and all he could think to himself was that he might have been rescued by an angel.


A journalist came to Matthew’s aid and he saw him collapsed out the Bataclan. He then dragged him to his own flat, along with several other people including a pregnant woman. The journalist was shot in the arm as he slammed the door shot, stopping the gunmen from getting inside. Matthew’s wife actually had a ticket for the concert, but she had to stay at home in order to babysit their young children. Matthew has also stated that he was in such a state of shock, that it took him 2 hours to remember his wife’s phone number to let her know that he was okay.

Matthew plans to share a bottle wine with his savior, but it is a wonder that they both survived. Our thoughts go out to them and we wish them both a speedy recovery.

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