Rescuers Were About To Save A Pit Bull, But When THIS Appeared Behind Him – It Stunned Them All

Days sure can be dark when you are lonely, but when you have a friend to keep you company, it can change everything. There is just something comforting about knowing someone else is there to help you.

This pit bull got lost in a river down in Tampa and he was absolutely terrified. When people came to the scene. however, they noticed that he had some company! A manatee!

Facebook / Tampa PD

This is quite unbelievable, but the manatee had stayed by the dog until help arrived and he also helped him through his ordeal.

Facebook / Tampa PD

The police have said that you don’t see this every day and it really is something special!

Facebook / Tampa PD

After the ordeal, the pup was given back to his family and they were certainly anxious to have him back at home.

Facebook / Tampa PD

Manatees are normally very kind and loving animals and it is great to see how they care for each other so much!

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