Maroon 5 Have Really Stepped Things Up With This Hit Video!

We all love a bit of Maroon 5, but this video has really taken the internet nation by storm. So what did they do to become such an internet sensation? They paid back their fans and gave them the surprise of their lives! No band has really ever done this before, and that is what makes Maroon 5 such a perfect example of how a little creativity can go a long way.

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The band surprise couples across LA at their weddings, and their reactions are truly priceless. The guests have no idea what is happening, until Adam Levine and his band break out in song that is! These surprise wedding shows will really make their special day one to remember, not to mention that Adam even shares a glass of champagne with them afterwards! Watch the video and see for yourself, they have the brides singing and the grooms grooving!

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