This Medusa M-47 can fire 25 different calibers from a single revolver

This Medusa Model gun was made by Phillips and Rodgers in the 1990’s and it is something special to say the least. One chamber can carry up to 25 different calibers and that alone makes it one of the most versatile revolvers out there. This gun is quite rare but this video is going to show you what casings it can hold and how it can shoot them effectively. You won’t see the guys actually shoot the gun, but either way, it is a cool sight to see and you would not believe how special this gun really is.

This is one that you need to watch for yourself because you may find it hard to believe at first, but either way, you won’t regret it and this video shows you, in detail, what this gun is all about. Wow this weapon really is a stand-out choice!

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