What Happens When An Immigrant Calls Himself A Criminal And A Rapist In Public?

This guy wanted to show people that you can’t judge a book by its cover and that is why he decided to wear a prison outfit before standing in the middle of a public street. He then wrote out a sign that asked people how they saw him, whether it was a criminal, a rapist or a drug lord. After doing all of this, he held out his hand and blindfolded himself to see how many people would approach him. To his surprise, a lot of people did, and they even asked him how he was doing. Other people stood to take pictures, but either way, this just goes to show how one social experiment really can change your opinion on things.

Some people go over to him and they tell him that he isn’t a drug lord or rapist, and they also tell him that he is more than welcome here as well. This is an incredible story with a powerful message. Wow.

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