Mike Tyson Annihilates TV Presenter with a Massive Takedown on Live TV!

Mike Tyson clearly doesn’t get on with this TV presenter, especially when he mentioned his previous rape conviction. He just can’t hold himself back and he starts swearing at the presenter on live television! As the interview continues, the presenter doesn’t mention his rape conviction again but Mike Tyson just can’t get over the fact that he mentioned it in the first place. He goes all out and he keeps bringing the conversation back to the interviewer and his rude remark.

What a great video and it is all caught on live TV. Who knows what Tyson would have done if the interviewer continued to press him, and even though Tyson had his representative sat right next to him, he just can’t hold himself back. They had to cut the show short at the end and it just goes to show that you shouldn’t mess with Mike Tyson!

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