Her Mom With Alzheimer’s Does Not Recognize Her. Then? A Miracle Happens

This woman has Alzheimer’s and she hasn’t been able to recognise her daughter for some time now. Even so, her daughter sits in her bed every day and she tries to help her remember. After a few seconds, her mother finally realises that she is her daughter and she even remembers naming her as well! It is incredible to think how memories can suddenly come back and even though she may suffer from this debilitating disease, it just goes to show that in the end love always prevails and that sometimes miracles can happen.

What an inspirational story and she looks so happy when her mother remembers her name. Who knows how long this has been going on for and who knows how much she will remember tomorrow, but either way this is nothing short of a miracle and it is incredible to think how these two must feel right now. Wow, what a great video.

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