Nobody Came To This Autistic Child’s Birthday, Watch What His Mom Wrote On Facebook

This mother decided to throw a party for her son’s birthday, and she even went as far to invite the entire class so her son would have plenty of people to play with. The day didn’t turn out as planned however, as nobody showed up to the party. Not a single person. Understandably the son was devastated, and he refused to smile for the entire day. He also suffers from autism, which made the mother feel even worse.

She took to Facebook to rant about her situation, but then something remarkable happened. People started to comment, show up with gifts and kids even came over to play. The message even reached out to the Sheriff’s department, which is when he sent over a flying helicopter especially for him. Her son then smiled the whole day. But that wasn’t all. Fire trucks, police dogs and more showed up to the party and it is safe to say that it was probably one of his best birthdays yet.

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