Sky News: MONSTER Shark Bites A Great White Shark In Half!

This 3.7 meter shark was nearly bitten in half by another shark. Reports state that the shark that attacked the other shark was over 5 meters long which is huge when compared to the average predator. People on the beach were very scared when they found out the news and surfers in the local area have described the news as “nerve-wracking”. Fortunately the shark control team have been catching sharks who come too close to the beach but there have been no other signs of this monster from the deep ever since.

This story is truly incredible and it just goes to show that there are creatures from the deep out there and that Mother Nature continues to surprise us. This picture shows it all and the carnage that this great shark left behind is truly incredible. Watch the video and see it for yourself, this one will blow you away and the size of this shark is way above average.

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