It Looks Like A Tiny Whirlpool, But What Happens Next Is Mind Blowing

This whirlpool started off quite small, but as it gets bigger, you can start to see how powerful they can be. The whirlpool starts by dragging in all the nearby water and you can see how fast it is spiralling down. When he zooms out of the camera however, you can then start to see the real magic behind this video. The whirlpool is dragging all of the nearby ice into the ground and the force of this whirlpool stretches on to the other sections of the lake as well.

This is an incredible video, he is so lucky to have been able to catch this on camera and it just goes to show what a wonderful thing nature really is. It is incredible to think how powerful this whirlpool is and nobody knows where the water is actually going. Wow.

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