This Man Injects Oil Into His Muscles And It Almost Cost Him His Arms

This bodybuilder is called Romario Dos Santos Alves and he has based his figure on the Incredible Hulk. He has risked his life to look just like his favorite superhero and he thought that everything was okay, until now. His injections consisted of painkillers, oil, alcohol and more and he did this to try and enhance the look and size of his muscles. He’s married and a father of one, but even his wife has agreed that his obsession has nearly cost him his sanity and his life.

He has been scheduled to have one of his arms amputated because they were that badly damaged and his son nearly lost his father as well. He just couldn’t stop pushing himself and it is truly outstanding when you see the results. Who knew what drove him to this, but either way, he is in mortal danger and there is no telling whether or not the procedure can be reversed.

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