She Accepted A Facebook Request from a Stranger. She Didn’t Expected THIS To Happen!

Social media has changed a lot over the past couple of years and now everyone is liking, commenting and making friends online. The problem is that the idea of adding someone is now becoming so normal that people are now adding people that they don’t know without seeing the hidden dangers. Because of this sudden boom, a lot of us haven’t actually taken the time needed to study the effects of this and how it could be potentially dangerous. Take a look below to read a story that will change the way you view Facebook forever.


So one day you might receive a Facebook friend request. You get them quite a lot and it is nice to see that someone is looking at your profile. You don’t recognize the person who has added you but you accept anyway, maybe you just don’t remember him from somewhere or something.

Later on, you post some pictures of your daughter’s 6th birthday party and you tag all of your friends and the people who attended. You may even write a status, saying that you had some great fun at the party which was held at McKinley park. Of course, you’d also say how much fun your little girl had and that you’d also like to thank those that came from Jefferson elementary as well.

While all of this is happening, the guy you added on Facebook has sent out a mass email to all of his associates. He’s saying that he has American females and males who are aged between 5-6 at $8,000, and to enquire if you want specific details.


So what’s just happened? you’ve just given a trafficker and his customers information on your children and the school that they attend. You have also told them the park where they play.

Overall, the message of this story is to stop posting everything on Facebook and stop posting pictures of your children as well.  It doesn’t matter whether you have online friends that you know or just some of your closest friends on there.

So stop adding strangers on Facebook. Stop posting every little detail about your life and stop putting your children as your profile picture.  You don’t know who you are exposing them to and you don’t know who is out there.

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