Nepal Earthquake: Campers Hit by Huge Avalanche at Everest Base Camp

This footage shows the moment where a camp in Nepal was hit by a sudden avalanche, caused by the earthquake that happened in the area. They were filming as normal , but when they realized that something wasn’t quite right, they all looked toward the mountains. They saw the snow come crashing down, so they decided to run for their lives away from the camp. A few of them became separated and some of them got instantly swallowed up by the snow.
This incredible footage shows the moment as it happened, from start to finish. It shows the reactions of the people who were there and it also shows the terrifying moment when the snow came crashing down on them all. You can see the rubble at the end covering the camp, and it is safe to say that these men are lucky to be alive. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Nepal and their families.

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