Dick Van Dyke Is 90-Years-Old But Watch Him Bust Some New Moves – I Couldn’t Believe It!

Dick Van Dyke is 90 years old but wow he has still got it! He knows how to dance better than ever before and this video just goes to show that he can still boogie. He has always been such a good dancer but when you take into the fact that he is 90 years old, you can then start to see why this is such an incredible video! Watch him feature on the Dustbowl Revival song “Never Had To Go”. You won’t regret it.

He pulls out a little guitar and at the end, he calls over the cook and he just wants her to dance with him. The two start busting moves together and that is when he leads her outside to see the whole band! What a fantastic video from an absolute legend. You won’t believe it and this is a great song as well.

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