This Nail Art Might Seem Strange At First, But The End Result… Wow

This video is a brilliant tutorial for anyone who wants to have great looking nails. All you need is a base coat, which will protect your nails, some grey nail polish and some newspaper. You’ll also need some rubbing alcohol, as this will help to transfer the newspaper ink to your nails. You should also try and find some text that you would specifically like on your nails. For example, you could have one sentence going across all five nails or you could have random patches to secure the ultimate effect.

Either way, this nail art is seriously amazing and if you love to paint your nails, you should seriously give it a go. It is really easy and it only takes a few seconds. Watch the video to find out more, it shows you exactly how to pull off this awesome effect and it also shows you how to protect your nails.

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