Porsche 911 vs Nissan 350z – But the Race Ends with a Very Unexpected 3rd Player!

This guy owns a pretty smart car, so when you see another guy in a smart car speeding past him, you know that SOMETHING has got to happen! He slams his foot on the accelerator and he catch up with him. You can see the two cars trying to compete with one another to try and find out who is faster but then the third car joins in? That is when it really gets interesting!

The third car is old and banged up but wow, he can drive! He speeds ahead of them both and the guy in the car just can’t help but laugh to himself. This is a great video and it just goes to show that good looking cars aren’t always the fastest! This is truly hilarious and nobody ever expected this to happen, either way, it is one you need to see!

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