She Gave Kids Food Without Money. How They Paid Her Back Had Her In Tears

These people work for a minimum wage and they work very long hours as well. When some kids went up and asked for a milkshake, they purposely went with less money than they needed to pay for it, just to see what would happen. One of the people told them that they couldn’t serve them and they were made to go without anything in return. The next person however added some change of her own to make up the money, so they could have what they wanted.

In return for this, the kids gave her a handful of money and a note to say thank you. This is a truly inspirational story and as it says in the video, it just goes to show that if you do good, good will come to you as well. What a great video and what a great idea this was, the people were nearly in tears and they just couldn’t believe it.

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