In 1887, Nurses Had To Follow All These Rules. Wait Until You Hear The Last Rule…

We might think of police and firemen and we may feel as though they are the top warriors when it comes to saving lives. The truth is that nurses really are the ones who save lives as well, the task they face is physically draining and it is mentally exhausting as well. Take a look at 1887 for example. Here are the 9 rules that nurses back in the day needed to face, and they really are strict to say the least. Even so, they do reveal how hardworking these people are and they also show how much discipline they needed to have as well.

1. Sweep/mop the floors nurses-1887-1

2. Bring a scuttle of coal to keep the wards warmnurses-1887-2

3. Light is very important to the health of the patient. For that reason, you need to fill the kerosene lamps as well as cleaning all the chimneys. Windows also need to be cleaned every week.nurses-1887-3

4. Notes are very important. Make your pens carefully and whittle your nibs accordingly.nurses-1887-4

5. Each nurse will report at 7am and leave at 8pm except on the Sabbath. On this day, you will be allowed time off from 12 noon until 2pm.nurses-1887-5

6. Graduate nurses are in very high regards with the director and they will be given one evening off, every week for courting purposes.nurses-1887-6

7. Every nurse should put aside a good sum of money for her declining years so she will not become a burden to other people.nurses-1887-7

8. If you smoke, drink liquor or if you get your hair done at a beauty shop then you will be setting a good intention and others will certainly respect your worth.nurses-1887-8

9. If a nurse serves her patients well and without fault for 5 years then you will get an extra 5 cents per day.

Why don’t you share this with your friends and your family so you can see how important nurses are to our daily lives as well as seeing how much of a difference they make to the healthcare system in general. Times have changed, but the amount of care and dedication they offer has not.

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