She Found Her Biological Mother in The Most Unexpected Place

La-Sonya Mitchell Clark and Francine Simmons (Images from WYTV video)

Sonya Mitchell-Clark is one of the happiest people around at the moment, because the Ohio Department of Health have released the birth records of those who were born between 1964 and 1996. It was these very records that helped her to find her biological mother. She found out her name and she instantly started to search on Facebook and she was completely surprised when she found out that her mother worked at the same place she did. She took it upon herself to go on social media in an attempt to contact her. When asked how she approached the subject she said that she messaged her and said:

“Is this Miss. Francine?”

After she said “Yes”

She replied “I think I’m your Daughter”

Francine was over the moon when she found out. She became pregnant at 14 years of age, and she was put into a girls home. She said that she got to hold her daughter but she wasn’t allowed to name her, but in her mind she had named her after herself all these years.

The two got talking and they really got to know each other, and that was when the daughter found out that she had three other sisters. To her surprise, she also found out that one of her sisters only lives 6 minutes away from her home and that she also works at the same company.

The pair are now reunited and through all of this, her adoptive family has still been very supportive of her decision to get to know her real family. According to reports, they have always been supportive in encouraging her to look for them, and that they are also going to be a part of the whole process.

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