His Father Tried To Kill Him – But HOW He Saved Himself Gave Me The Chills

This is a very tragic story. A father stabbed his wife several times and killed her, before he told his son to go on to the other bed, because he was next. He stabbed his son six times in the face, neck and stomach, but what he did next is truly amazing. He somehow managed to phone the police and he told them what had happened. They told him to stay on the phone and even though his dead mother was lying next to him, he stayed on.

That was until the father came back, but luckily, thanks to this little boy’s bravery, the police arrived at the very same time and they managed to place him under arrest. This is truly an incredible story and it just goes to show how brave this little boy really is. This is an incredible story of survival and nobody should have to go through what this little boy has experienced.

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