This Teen Was In A Dangerous Situation With An Old Man. What Bystanders Did Was Shocking

This is an experiment to see what would happen when a man sits down with a young girl, trying to lure her to his house. The first clip shows a man and a woman sitting at a nearby table. They can hear everything that is happening and they want to stop him from taking her home. Even though this is set up, it just goes to show how easily the situation could have turned nasty, and luckily there were some people who were there to step in for her.

This could happen at any time in any place, and by being aware, these people were luckily able to stop it from progressing any further. This is a video that you need to watch because it will change your perspective on the things that you see around you, and it just goes to show how a normal situation might not be so normal after all. Wow, what a powerful video.

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