Amazing Footage Shows Orca Throw Seal 80ft Into The Air

Orcas are amazing creatures, they really are and they are so interesting to watch as well. This orca however somehow managed to throw a seal over 80 feet into the air when swimming through the ocean and it has all been caught on camera.  This group of whales are known as the T69s and this lone male is the one who made the spectacular kill. This whale was born in 1995 and the ocean conservatives have been following them ever since, helping to keep them safe while also ensuring that they are kept in good health.

It was then when the cameraman managed to catch the orca kill his prey, right on camera but it didn’t go quite to plan. Instead, the orca flipped the seal high into the air in this incredible display, leaving bystanders shocked and amazed at the same time. Why don’t you see this one for yourself today.

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