It Looks Like A Standard Sculpture, Until It Moved And Blew My Mind

These sculptures have been done by a man called Anthony Howe and he really is very, very talented. He creates moving sculptures and they really are mind blowing. At first you may think that your eyes are playing tricks on you, but they really aren’t, this guy actually creates 3D sculptures in his own workshop and they are nothing short of phenomenal. He states that he got bored with everything being static, and that was when he decided to do something about it. His Octo sculpture is truly stunning and it is hard to believe that this isn’t an optical illusion.

Who knows how he managed to create these sculptures and who knows how he came up with the idea but either way, he is a talented mastermind and a true artist. Wow, what an incredible video, you need to see what this guy can do because it really will blow you away.

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