Parents Get Their Daughter’s Birthmark Tattooed So She Won’t Feel Different

This story proves that a parent’s love cannot be beaten. When Tanya Phillips and Adam Phillips had their baby girl, Honey-Rae Phillips, they noticed that she had a large birthmark that covered up the entire right side of her leg and her body. The birthmark then spread, and her parents have stated that the mark itself is a result of medical difficulties that occurred after the birth.

Tanya told that her daughter found it hard to breathe when she was first born, and that she needed to be placed in the special care unit. She said that when she went to see her, she looked over the incubator and there it was- the mark that occupied nearly half of her body. She broke down and cried, worried that her daughter was going to be marked permanently and ridiculed because of her differences.

The mother and father have three other children together, but every time they took Honey-Rae out to the park or around the local shops, passersby would whisper and talk about the marks behind their backs. After some time, they were forced to cover up their daughter’s legs in an attempt to avoid stares from strangers. In summer, they bought Honey-Rae her very first pair of shorts, after months of covering her up. The very first time they took her out in them, they heard an elderly couple whispering about her nearby. It seem as though no matter what they did, Honey-Rae was always going to be different.

The parents came to the conclusion that if adults could be so insensitive as to talk about them behind their back, then children could be worse. They worried about sending her to school, and they worried that she would be picked on for her differences.

It was then that they decided to do something about it. They figured that their daughter would be so much happier if she realised that she wasn’t the only one that had the marks, and that she wasn’t alone, so they did something truly incredible.

They decided to copy Honey-Rae’s birthmark completely, making sure that every mark was identical so they could have it tattooed onto themselves. This permanent display of affection just goes to show how much they love their child, and how they want nothing but happiness for her.

Adam got the tattoo for his Christmas present from his wife, and it cost $124. The session lasted for around 2 and a half hours, because he wanted to make sure that every last bit was perfect. He couldn’t wait to show his daughter, but last week, it was his wife’s 40th birthday so he decided to give the same gift to her.

Tanya also told that the tattoo was incredibly painful. She has had a tattoo before, a flower to cover up some stars on her ankle but the birthmark had to go over this in order for it to be the same. She did however state that it was worth every single second of pain, and that she would do it all again for her baby girl.

When the swelling had gone down, she showed Honey-Rae. The daughter touched the tattoo and smiled, speaking the word “Match” before pointing to her own birthmark. According to Tanya, Honey-Rae loves to touch her parent’s tattoos and she even laughs at her own birthmark now because she knows that she isn’t alone any more.

Tanya also said that this tattoo is way more extreme than the ones she has ever planned to get, but it was worth it for Honey-Rae.


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