He’s Just Out Of Jail And He Has No Family. What He Did Brought Tears to My Eyes

This is the story of Matt and several other prisoners who have just been released out f prison. Some of these prisoners have done over a decade in prison, so when they were released, they just didn’t know what to do with themselves. They explain how much things had changed and they also explain that they didn’t really have any family to go to either. They were scared, alone and without anybody in the world.

One of the men went to an animal centre and looked at all the dogs in the cages. That was when he made the decision to adopt some of them. He filled out all of the paperwork and he gave the dog a bath. They played ball and ran around the town having fun. The video also goes on to explain how people went and spoke to him because he had a dog, and before you know it he had someone who they could call family.

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