When This Elephant Heard Music, He Did Something That Surprised Us All.

This man is playing 12 bar blues on the piano, and he is clearly very good at it. The elephant then comes up behind him and starts bopping his head to the music. He then starts playing the piano himself, before shaking his ears to the music. One of the elephants also starts wiggling his bum to the music as well and it really is hilarious! The elephants clearly love the music and they just want to join in so badly.

What an incredible video, the elephants are very interested in the sound of the piano and they couldn’t look happier. This video just goes to show that music is a universal language, and that elephants really are intelligent creatures. They dance together and the man just carries on playing for them. They’ll never want him to stop and it is great to see animals and humans in such a close relationship.

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