This Pit Bull Beat Cancer. Watch What Dad Put Inside The Box For Him!

This pit bull is called Wallace and he has recently beat cancer. He really does look like a loveable dog and his owner wanted to do everything he could to pay him back for all the happiness that he has given to him. He starts by baking him a bone shaped cake, but that isn’t all he does. He wraps up a box for him and he films him as he opens it. The dog really does look excited and this video will bring tears to your eyes.

The end result is a box full of new toys and he just can’t wait to get stuck in! He pulls them all out and he can’t wait to play. As soon as he gets one out that he likes, he pulls another out and he is clearly having such a great time. This is a phenomenal story and when he tips them out for him he just can’t hold back. Wow, what a great dog that beat all the odds.

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