This Pitbull Has A Snooze Feature!

This adorable pitbull knows when her owner wants a lie in bed, and when it is time to get up. The dog creeps into the room and attempts to wake up the owner. After the owner complains about needing five more minutes, the dog skulks away and returns in almost the exact same amount of time. Who needs an alarm clock when you have this adorable thing waking you up every morning? This video brings a whole new meaning to a dog being a man’s best friend.

Watch the video and see for yourself. This dog is adorable, and the owner-dog relationship is really something to “aww” at. When Round 3 commences at 5:35am, the owner doesn’t seem best pleased, but after a quick moan from this adorable pooch, he can’t resist but saying yes. The dogs sudden burst of excitement really makes this video worth watching!

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