This dog had a very loving home, but one day his owners made a cruel decision

This unbelievable story starts with a pit bull, who is called Bernie. His life took a very big turn one day when he was left by his family to fend for himself. For most of his life, he had a family who loved him and he had a home as well. In fact, he even had a favourite blanket that he took with him everywhere! But one day, the family he had spent most of his life with, gave him up. He was 7 years old and he went from living the life he’d always wanted to being homeless and living on the streets. According to a volunteer at the Second Chance rescue service, he wasn’t even allowed to bring his blanket with him.



After he was left at the shelter, he was put on the euthanasia list. To make things even worse, he had contracted pneumonia so Second Chance pulled him from the shelter and they took him to a vet so he could be treated.


He could hardly breathe, but thanks to all the donations that were made, he could be given the medical costs required and after that, he even found a suitable adoption home. Jana, the person who helped him to find a new and loving home, was always there to spend time with him.


Now, Bernie loves his brand new home and he has plenty of room to run around as well. He has a ton of friends to play with and he even has a pool! Of course, he also gets all the ice-cream he wants and he has a new blanket as well.


He takes his new blanket with him everywhere he goes and he is a true survivor to say the least. He made it through his illness, his abandonment and even a potential death sentence. There is a huge mass on part of his neck that needs to be removed, but other than that, he’s doing just fine.


If you want to adopt, or donate to Bernie then all you need to do is go to the adoption page, but make sure that you share his story with your friends and family as well!

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