Cops repeatedly shoot a dog while laughing and making disgusting comments

Police brutality is certainly a hot topic in the US at the moment and after you see this, you’ll realise why. These officers took turns at shooting a dog, before they laughed and made disgusting remarks. This behaviour is completely out of order and something needs to be done. We all know that there are good police officers out there, and that some of them give their lives to try and protect others. These officers are the heroes of the community, but if the people who did this are not brought to justice, they will bring a bad name to police officers everywhere.


Some police officers just can’t control themselves when it comes to animals. Over the last couple of months, you may have heard some news in a town called Chester in Pennsylvania. This town is known for having one of the worst police departments in the nation, and by the looks of things, it isn’t getting any better. The police department have spent plenty of money, but not for the right reasons. Some of the officers who work for the Chester department were seen shooting two dogs in front of a school, and according to those who saw it happen, their reasons for doing this were somewhat questionable.

The dogs were shot at lunch time, which put everybody in harm’s way. The people who were there were not injured but they were lucky to not get hit by a ricochet. If you think that this is bad, the same town has hit the front page news again, but this time some officers have shot a dog at its own home.

Christie Fry took the time to rescue this pup, before she nursed him back to health. She showed the animal so much love and affection, but what did the police do in return? They murdered her pet right in front of her, and here’s the picture that shows the aftermath.

The police officers who shot the dog, repeatedly, have stated that the animal was a threat. We are not convinced. The animal, at the time that it was shot, was on a leash in his own yard and he wasn’t hurting or harming anyone. Please, take the time to SHARE┬áthis post. Let’s share this story with the world in hopes that Christie can finally get the help she needs to fight this. The officers have faced no consequences so far. This dog deserves justice.

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