Cops Pulled Over A Car. They Were Surprised When They Saw Who Stepped Out!

These cops pulled over a car that they thought was speeding but when they got closer, they knew that they were in for a surprise. Who stepped out of the car? None other than Batman….that’s right…Batman stepped out of his black Lamborghini¬†and he did everything that they told him too. How the cops handled this seriously, we’ll never know, but either way it is a seriously funny video and it just goes to show that even superheroes need to live by the law.

This is a hilarious video and it is one that you need to watch, who knew that Batman would step out of the car and who knew that the cops could keep a straight face throughout…either way, I’m sure that Batman won’t be speeding without any tags anytime soon. His “Batmobile” is seriously cool as well, so click play and you certainly won’t regret it.

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