PornHub Needs $3.4 Million So They Can Make The First-Ever Space Sex Tape

PornHub really are looking to go where no person has ever been before!  They have launched a campaign and they are asking Indiegogo to help raise them $3.4 million so they can make the world’s first ever adult film, outside of earth. There are many benefits for doing this, and you could even get some t-shirts and props from the suits worn by the actors themselves! In just three days, they have already managed to raise well over $18,000 but according to the site, most of the money is needed to train the crew so they are able to withstand the change in gravity.

The movie is going to be called Sexplorations and if everything goes to plan, it will be released next year. So how do you have sex in anti gravity? PornHub has already answered this question for you. They replied with the simple answer…”That’s what we’re hoping to find out” but according to research, it is entirely possible.

What do you think?