Prancercise: A Workout You Have Never Seen Before!

With the number one New Year’s resolution of 2015 being to lose weight, it is no wonder that the majority of top trending videos of the week fall into the category of fitness. As 2015 unfolds before us, we are met with a variety of different workout videos throughout the web, but this one may rise to an entirely new level of video extremes.

It is difficult to tell exactly what caused this video to become so popular. Perhaps the image of retired school secretary meets Richard Simmons, or the obnoxious flaunting of the top outfit in what not to wear, maybe even, it is just the catchy workout music playing in the background. Whatever the cause, with over 11 million hits, there is no denying the fact that everyone is watching this hilarious workout routine.

Strolling through the park in her tennis shoes, ankle weights, body hugging white leggings, and burnt orange suit coat, this lady be-bops up a sweat with almost gracious looking moves, leaving you to wonder, is this a serious workout or the latest in crazy fairy dances.

In all truthfulness, the star of this video leaves us envious of her slim and toned physique, proving without words, that this workout does target every zone for ultimate weight loss. Her ingenious skill of finding an exercise that is not only enjoyed by all but also melts away those pounds, is a remarkable feat. There is no doubt that this is one confident lady, after all, she is rocking a camel toe throughout the entire video without a care in the world as to what others may think.

The art of physical fitness and spiritual excellence are rolled into one with this unique fitness style termed, “Prancercise”. Which is more than appropriately named, since it is literally prancing through the park, similarly to a horse’s gait, for exercise. This lady prances around rhythmically to the tune of Sandstorm by Darude, which is the perfect beat for this uplifting workout.

Showing all four modes of the prancercise workout, this video shows you all you need to know in order to complete the workout on your own. Originally copyrighted in 1989, it is just now being released to the public for the first time. With hundreds of parodies of the original video, no one can tell if it was released for serious fitness fanatics or a simple mockery of the sport for the world to get its giggles from. Either way, there is one thing for sure, the reviews are hopping with great ratings for this charming lady. With various comments all saying the same thing; “absolutely, insanely hilarious, but wow, what a workout, much respect to this lady.” This video is a must watch, for those few who may haven’t viewed it yet!

Check out these insane workout moves in the video below:

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