It Looked Like Colorful Chaos, But By The End, I Couldn’t Believe It!

She takes some cake mix and some eggs and creates a mixture. She splits the mixture between 5 mixing bowls and adds plenty of food coloring. She then puts the mix into sandwich bags, cuts a hole and starts swirling the cake mix into a tie-dye color design. Wow, the end result is amazing and it looks really easy to do as well.

She then cuts off the top of the cake and gets a cookie cutter. The shapes themselves look fantastic and they’d go down a treat at any party, but then she keeps working her magic and does something even better. She gets a new cake mix, part bakes it and adds the shapes into the middle of the tin. This really is the ultimate birthday cake and it is incredible to think how the end result came from a bit of cake mixture and a few bottles of food coloring.

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