Jack Black Meets Up With A Homeless Boy. When He Hears What He Wants, He Cries

Jack Black is a famous actor and musician and he did this video for Red Nose Day. He knows that those who live on the streets of Africa are very poor and that was when he decided to meet up with Felix, who is homeless and living on the streets. He didn’t know where his father is and his mother is dead, he does know that he has some brothers and sisters but he doesn’t know where they are. He sells plastic recycling bottles in order to make a living.

He really wants to go to school and this project that Jack Black is promoting will help children like Felix to go to school. He even shows Jack how he sleeps, and it really is shocking. There are strangers everywhere and it is hard to believe what this child goes through every single day. He even asks Jack if he can go home with him, but they both know that it can’t happen. Wow. Watch this for yourself.

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