In 1969 He Said *THIS* About America And God. My Jaw DROPPED!

This is a video about the Pledge of Allegiance. Red Skelton is a worldwide entertainer, and he is really famous for his shows. When he said THIS about America however, it had the world in disarray. He tells the story about how when he was younger, his teacher told him the true meaning of the pledge of allegiance.

He says that one nation can be so blessed by God that they cannot be divided, living with joy and happiness. This speech is very interesting to hear, especially how he incorporates his own views. His voice is harrowing, and the last thought will really have you thinking. Watch the video and see for yourself Red Skelton’s take on the pledge of allegiance. It has caused quite a stir on the internet from viewers across the world. I can’t believe that he said this.

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