She Made This Cake Without Using An Oven. Her Secret? Scrumptious!

This woman is going to make a layered trifle cake, and it is truly stunning! This is a great cake for Christmas and it is really amazing. The first thing you need to do is get out a cake tin. You then need to line it with grease proof paper and then you add raspberries and some orange juice. She then stirs it together with a little sugar. She leaves them to sit for ten minutes and then she gets some mascarpone and she mixes it with some more sugar.

She then adds some heavy cream and some vanilla extract and you can already start to see how this recipe comes together. This is truly a scrumptious creation and it just gets better with every ingredient she adds. Anyone can do this at home and it looks amazing. She continues to layer it and she adds more berries. After spreading the creamy mixture on top, she then adds blueberries and at this stage, you really will be drooling. Wow!

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