He Was Confronted By an Abandoned Pit Bull, What He Did Was Breathtaking

These rescuers received a call from someone who saw an abandoned pit bull, out in the wild and struggling to survive. They noticed that the pit bull was in a fenced government area, so they couldn’t climb in and rescue her. They decided to place a cheeseburger in the road in hopes that she would come over, but they weren’t sure if they would be able to get her to come over or not.

That was when a miracle happened. She started to come over and even though she was very wary, she was clearly very hungry as well. In the end, they needed to set up a trap to get her to safety and that was when they managed to save her life. She tried to get out but luckily the rescuers came over shortly after. Watch the video to see what happens next, you won’t regret it.

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