This Dog Was Just Few Days from Death, But Then The Neighbor Stepped In And Did THIS

Normally, when a neighbor makes a phone call to the police, it results in a raging complaint but when this neighbor phoned in with this story, they just couldn’t resist helping out.

In November, police were summoned because a caller was concerned about the state of a dog that they found next door. The police arrived as soon as they could, and they took action immediately.


When they arrive at the home, they found Rocco. Rocco had been tied up in the back of the yard and he was forced to live without any food or water. By the looks of things, he had been there for quite some time and this is evident when you see what condition he was in.


The police already experienced a large number of calls about this animal but they couldn’t do anything about it unless they had a court order. When they did finally manage to get the order, they took a look around and when they arrived, they knew that the dog’s owner was nowhere to be found. They then decided to take matters into their own hands, to put an end to the dog’s suffering.┬áThis pup was removed and he was certainly grateful to those who came to his aid. They gave him plenty of food and water and they also gave him some medical attention as well.┬áHe was tested for heart worms and mange and both of the tests came back negative. Of course, he still needed to put on some weight before he could start on the road to recovery.

But what happened to the people who did this to Rocco? They were tracked down and they were brought to justice in the end. They were charged with animal abuse in the third degree and they were given plenty of fines as well. They couldn’t pay the fines given, and they were jailed as a result.


At least Rocco is free from their cruelty now and he has been able to enjoy a full and happy life so far. He is responding to treatment and when he is healthy he will be able to find a new home. Hopefully someone will look after him better this time, as well as giving him the love and support he deserves.

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