Judges Couldn’t Believe It When They Saw This Act. What They Do Is Wild!

This is the audition tape of Billy and Emily. The pair are brother and sister and they really do love roller skating! They have admitted that they have skated together ever since they were kids and that they won’t skate with anyone else. They skate to Guns N’ Rose’s- Live and Let Die and the whole act works perfectly. He spins her around on his roller skates and she goes so high into the air that Ant and Dec are squirming at the side of the stage.

The real magic happens after that though. He ties a plastic band around her head and twists it round. She’s spinning around him using only her head and it must take some serious skill to do this. The couple are truly fearless and it just goes to show how much talent goes into this sport. Watch the video and see for yourself, wow!

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