This Rescue Dog Is Choosing Her First Toy. Watching Her Is Beyond Adorable

This dog is called Roo and she is a rescue dog. She has also never had a toy before, so when she gets told to pick out one for her very self, she just doesn’t quite know what to do. She is clearly choosing very carefully and she is wandering around the shop trying to pick one. She looks to be so excited and she wants to check everything out before she makes her final decision.

This is beyond adorable and this is quite possibly one of the biggest decisions that she has ever faced in her life, but either way, it is one that you need to see because it will seriously put a smile on your face and it just goes to show that dogs are as picky as we are sometimes. In the end, she goes for the fluffy hedgehog and she couldn’t be happier about it. Wow, what a great video!

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