Russian passenger plane crashes in Sinai with 224 people on board

A Russian airliner crashed in the Sinai on Saturday. The Prime Minister of Egypt, Sharif Ismail has released a statement that says he is meeting with various other ministers and officials to try and find out more about the crash, which was carrying 224 people. The Sinai medical department have declared the situation as an emergency and over 20 ambulances were dispatched in order to save as many lives as possible, according to the Al-Ahram newspaper. The crash site was between Al-Kaseema and Al-Kuntillah, in the heart of Sinai.
Just 23 minutes after the plane took off, the plane vanished from the radar and was not found again until the incident occurred. On Saturday, air traffic control stated that they lost control when the plane left from Sharm el-Sheikh, with its final destination being St. Petersburg, Russia. This is according to Sputnik news, which is a trusted source and a Russian news agency.

They have also released information that states that the Federal Air Transportation Agency spoke with RIA Novotski to say that Kogalymavia, or Flight 9268 had taken 217 passengers and 7 crew members from Sharm El-Sheikh at around 3:31 GMT. At 3:54, the plane had vanished from the radar and could no longer be found. The Foreign Ministry have reported on their social media page that the Russian Embassy are keeping a close eye on the situation while also making the promise that they would release more information if, and when it is available.

We can expect to hear more from the Egyptian Prime Minister as well.

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